Countdown to the Opening

In the second half of the year of 2024 the opening of Germany’s first wave pool is expected with o2 SURFTOWN MUC, one of the world’s biggest wave pools, powered by Endless Surf Technology, celebrating its debut in Munich. While every surfer in town can’t wait for the official opening date to be announced, today some first videos of perfect waves were published which for sure gets everyone even more excited.

First waves pumping at o2 SURFTOWN MUC

The stoke in Munich is real as every surfer in town is looking forward to the official opening date of o2 SURFTOWN MUC to be announced. The video that was released today, shows long and perfect glassy point break waves, produced by the Endless Surf Wave Technology, as we have never seen it before:

When will o2 SURFTOWN MUC open?

According to the article published on the website of Endless Surf Wavepool Technology, the grand opening to the public is anticipated in July 2024. The pre-opening phase is expected to take place beforehand for those surfers who bought pre-sale packages.

Munich Map of Surf Spots

Munich for quite some time already has earned its reputation as the Hawaii of River Surfing and with the opening of o2 SURFTOWN MUC will become a true Mecca for (landlocked) surfers. Three river waves, one indoor standing wave + one of the world’s most modern wave pools make Munich a place where surf addicts will be able to satisfy their needs through a variety of different types of surf spots.

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