Salé Point Break Surf Spots

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Point Break Surf Spots

Point Break Surf Spots

Difficulty / Minimum Skill Level:
Works best during:
High Tide
Low Tide
Mid Tide
Right Hand Wave
Works best with:
East Wind
North Wind
Northeast Wind
Northwest Wind
Works best with:
North Swell
Northwest Swell
West Swell

Point Break

At a point break, the shoreline juts out into the water to form a headland. A wave that is lengthy, well-formed, and unlikely to close out or break in front of itself is created when a wave strikes a headland or pier and starts to peel down the extended shoreline. Point breaks typically only have one takeoff point and only travel in one direction, so you might have to wait in line to catch a wave. At these specific surf spots, quality prevails over quantity.

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