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Pro Level Surf Spots

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Nazaré is known for Europes epicenter of big wave surfing. Beginning in November and lasting until February is the big wave season. Since 2011, the Big Wave Challenge at the renowned Praia do Norte has drawn attention from around the globe, making Nazaré a well-known surfing destination. Only for the brave, though! Nazare is a stunningly beautiful town. It has all the seafood taverns and cobblestone streets you could want. Traditional Portuguese frontispieces and red-tiled roofs are present.

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Pro Level

Professional surfers can use the entire surfing skillset available to them and are at ease in all kinds of waves. At this level of surfing, the surfer does a few aerial tricks and reads waves like few others. Pro surfers know how to stall in the barrel to extend their tube time and very seldom wipe out in perfect waist-high waves. With high amplitude body motions and delicate hip and weight shifts, he and she predict how the wave will behave and are consistently in the correct position at the right time.

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