Europe Left Hand Wave Surf Spots

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Left Hand Wave Surf Spots

Left Hand Wave Surf Spots

Beach Break
Point Break
Reef Break
Wave pool
Difficulty / Minimum Skill Level:
Advanced Level
Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Pro Level
Works best during:
High Tide
Low Tide
Mid Tide
Works best with:
East Wind
North Wind
Northeast Wind
Northwest Wind
South Wind
Southeast Wind
Southwest Wind
West Wind
Works best with:
East Swell
North Swell
Northeast Swell
Northwest Swell
South Swell
Southeast Swell
Southwest Swell
West Swell


Arguably the best surf regions in Europe you find in Portugal, Spain and France, due to the number of surf spots, quality of the waves, and their climate. But also other countries like the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have spots worth to discover.

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Left Hand Wave

A left hand wave or “left hander” is a wave that breaks to the left when facing the shore. It is the preferable direction of a wave for goofy footer surfers.

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