Intermediate Level

The two fundamental moves in surfing—the bottom-turn and the cutback—are what make a surfer at this level. On a shoulder-high wave, an Intermediate surfer is able to tilt the board and launch themselves without incident. The bottom-turn, which is surfing’s primary turning maneuver, is regarded as the sport’s foundational move since it allows for riding waves with an open face. The cutback is the second most crucial turn. It enables the surfer to avoid getting caught in the slowest region, known as the “shoulder of the wave,” and return to the wave’s energy source. An intermediate surfer knows how to duck dive, maintain a linear trajectory on the surf line, and how to bail out without hurting himself and others in the process. In addition, an intermediate level surfer knows how to read surf reports and plan his session(s) in advance.

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Intermediate Level
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