Premium Fins & Hardware

FCS is the strongest, most successful, and also the most widely used fin system in the world. Used by the worlds top surfers including: Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, Jeremy Flores & Sally Fitzgibbons.

About FCS

FCS was born out of the revolutionary idea of creating removable surfboard fins. This simple concept would change the way we build and ride surfboards forever. Removable fins not only made travelling easier, but more importantly, allowed surfers to customise the performance of their surfboard by having the ability to seamlessly test and utilise different fin templates. The opportunity would unlock untapped potential, and see our sport’s most talented athletes reach unprecedented heights.

With innovation at the heart of the brand, FCS has become a true leader in the surf hardware space with an unwavering commitment and desire to enhance the surfing experience, whether that’s in the water or the journey of getting there.

THE H SERIES: H2 – 2005

The H-2 fins were designed for superior speed and manoeuvrability of surfboards. The product was a result of unique collaboration between hydrodynamic and materials experts, manufacturing consultants, world champion surfers and fin makers. The fin had a different geometry than previous fins and was made from a lightweight aluminium and fibreglass composite material. The design was developed using scientific tank flow testing and refined by use in the ocean. In 2005 the FCS H-2 surfboard fins won the Australian Design Award of the Year.

H3: NEXUS – 2008

The next evolution of the H-Series was the H3 Nexus. We brought in Naval architect Andy Dovell who worked alongside FCS Brand Ambassador Richie Lovett and Design Manager Michael Durante during the development of the FCS H-3 Nexus. In H3 Nexus we introduced TRICOIL Technology. It featured a new-to-market multi-directional flex pattern that worked in synergy with the material lay-up of the fin which provided remarkable speed and acceleration with controlled release through turns. H3 help cement our status as the industry leader in fin development.


After years of development and testing we launched a revolutionary new system which seamlessly connected the 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. One of the reasons for the success of the FCS II system was the involvement of the world’s best surfers in the development process, their educated feedback and ability to push the system to its limits was incredibly valuable during development. FCS II made it possible to install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools. Game changer


With the Freedom we took a product design that had been essentially unchanged for two decades and revolutionised it. The cord used in the FCS Freedom Leash was something new to the surf industry, both visually and by the way it was constructed. The over-braided design featured a high tensile nylon yarn braided over an internal PU cord and created a thinner, lighter, and ultimately stronger leash. Every other component was designed to complement the cord and enhance the user experience. In 2018 the Freedom leash won SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) Award for Accessory Product of the year as well as multiple other awards.

FCS II H4 – 2020

Launched in early 2020, H4 is the most recent addition to the H-Series of fins. While the science behind the template, the materials and the foils are highly complex, every component of this fin was engineered to create a simple synergy between the fin and the surfboard, the rider and the wave. The H4 was a visually striking fin due to the Swiss-based robotic manufacturing process and the different centre and side fin templates.

Brand Specs

Origin: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Founders: Brian Whitty
Founded: 1995
Core Values: innovative performance products & sustainability