Nudie Jeans Tuff Tony Dry Ruby Selvage High Waist Loose Wide Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W24/L34 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 114210114210-L34-W24

A high-waist, wide-leg loose fit made with organic cotton selvage denim, superbly constructed by Kuroki Mill, Okayama, Japan. It features an all-white selvage ID and has the potential to become the most beautiful pair of jeans you’ve ever had. The warp yarns are dyed with natural indigo. Both weft and warp are ring-spun to get that irregular thickness, which gives the denim a perfect imperfect texture. Over time, the irregular yarns will start puckering, and the indigo slowly fades toward a brilliant blue tone. In areas exposed to abrasions, beautiful, grainy salt and pepper effects appear, and the contrast between texture and indigo, magical beauty starts forming, showcasing the wonder of the old shuttle looms and the craftsmanship behind selvage denim.