Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II Dry Platino Mid Waist Regular Tapered Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W36/L30 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 114025114025-L30-W36

Regular fit jeans with a tapered leg made in dry organic denim. The Dry Platino is made from Italian dry denim with a deep blackish-blue hue from denim mill Candiani. The denim has a beautifully classic construction with well-balanced yarn slubs caused by slightly irregular ring-spun yarns. The blackish-blue indigo tone is the fabric’s most unique feature. Typically, tones this deep are achieved by dyeing the warp yarns in sulfur and indigo dye. Instead, Candiani has substituted the sulfur for a waste-based mineral dye from Archroma. The so-called EarthColors┬« is synthesized from natural, non-edible, agricultural industry waste, such as leaves and nutshells. A beautiful, suitable, and resource-smart dye to combine with indigo that gives the denim a brownish-greencast. The way Candiani dyed the warp yarns also has another significant benefit; it successfully keeps the core of the yarns largely undyed, making these dry jeans age a bit faster than your average dry denim jeans.