Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II Dry Deluxe II Mid Waist Regular Tapered Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W36/L28 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 114149114149-L28-W36

Dry Deluxe II was developed exclusively for Nudie Jeans by the Japanese denim powerhouse Kurabo Denim. At 13.5 oz., this mid-weight denim hits a sweet spot – it is sturdy yet comfortable from the get-go. This hue is what we refer to as green cast denim. However, the green is barely visible in the dry state. The fabric composition features long slub, ring spun yarns for both warp and weft, which creates an evident crosshatch texture. Breaking in dry denim is a metamorphosis. The interplay between the garment and the user is a spectacular transformation happening slowly in front of your eyes. Over time, with wearing and washing, the indigo fades, exposing the fabric’s texture, and eventually unveiling an intricate span of hues. This creates a unique, one-off version of the jeans.