Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II Dry Black Selvage Mid Waist Regular Tapered Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W24/L30 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 113315113315-L30-W24

Jeans made in 14.5 oz Japanese dry rigid selvage denim. We love our dry black denim and even more so our dry black selvage denim. The particular selvage denim in Steady Eddie II Dry Black Selvage is produced by the great people at Kurabo Mills in Japan. And boy are we excited about using this denim – let’s just get that out there before this turns into a novel. What makes us excited about this denim is, in part, its construction. The warp, the vertical yarns that mainly shows on the face of the fabric is yarn-dyed black. This keeps the core white making it prone to fading from abrasion by wearing and washing. The weft, the horizontal yarns which mainly shows on the back of the fabric is, however, dyed with a ‘stay black’ dye and will therefore not fade. This might sound odd since we dig fading denim. But this clever way of constructing denim will make the jeans keep the deep black tone within the twill lines, the rather small intersections were the warp and weft intersects. Even though the intersections are small they are visible and shows as the lows between the twill lines. As a result, the contrast to the warp yarns will become greater. In other words, these dry black jeans will allow for more contrasting fades than regular dry black denim will. It will with time also create a neat contrast at the fold-ups. The other reasons for our excitement are the structure of the denim and how it ages. It has a very, very, lovely surface structure thanks to its tight construction, starchy hand, pronounced twill lines, and semi-course yarns. With wear and washing the denim will not only get great contrasts due to the dying and starchiness but will also render a peppery look with marbling effects thanks to the tight construction. We are very excited about seeing these get some wear, hope you are too! Remember that we recommend using our dry denim daily for at least 6 months prior to the first wash. This will render contrasting fades and is of course only a recommendation.