Nudie Jeans Robby Dry 70s Blue Denim Men’s Organic Denim Jackets X Small Sustainable Clothing

Nudie Jeans 160820B26160820-B26-000

A regular fit denim jacket featuring two chest pockets and two front welt pockets. But to make it more conceptual and better fit a theme, we tweaked a few details. So, to keep it contemporary, we made the collar points a bit longer, and the pocket flaps got smoother rounded edges. The denim is reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s. The clear blue tone is a textbook display of what red cast denim looks like. And the tightness of the fabric makes the blue pop even more. So, to give it more room, we went with tobacco threads and shiny, vintage-inspired copper trims. Over time, with wear, tear, and washing will reveal a softer, faded technicolor blue hue.