Nudie Jeans Rad Rufus Dry Emerald Selvage High Waist Regular Straight Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W38/L36 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 114151114151-L36-W38

A 15 oz., pure indigo-dyed, green cast selvage denim, made exclusively for Nudie Jeans by the paragon of Japanese selvage denim. This denim holds qualities similar to 1940s-50s loomstate denim. To avoid frustration and headaches, it’s been sanforized to keep shrinkage at a tolerable 3%. Like the historical counterpart, we skipped the singeing process to preserve the lumpy yarn-slub and keep the surface fuzzy. Emerald is, of course, a reference to the cast, i.e., the added tint of green. While hard to trace in a dry state, it’s there, hiding in plain sight, ready to reveal itself. Taking these from dry to worn will be well worth the time and effort. The interplay between the jeans and its user eventually reveals the inherent qualities and texture of the fabric and a stunning range of hues, creating a truly unique, one-of-a-kind version of the jeans. Breaking in dry denim is a metamorphosis. The interplay between the garment and the user is a spectacular transformation happening slowly in front of your eyes. Over time, with wearing and washing, the indigo fades, exposing the fabric’s texture, and eventually unveiling an intricate span of hues. This creates a unique, one-off version of the jeans. We are as excited, as we are proud to present Emerald Selvage. Japanese selvage is considered the best in the world, and Kurabo Denim is the Genesis of Japanese selvage denim. Also, hats off to Kurabo for realizing our ideas.