Nudie Jeans Lofty Lo Snake Eyes Selvage Mid Waist Relaxed Straight Leg Women’s Organic Jeans W38/L26 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 114071114071-L26-W38

Lofty Lo Snake Eyes Selvage, Regular fit jeans with a straight leg made in an outstanding, Japanese, dry selvage denim. The Snake Eyes selvage fabric is manufactured in the legendary denim-town of Kojima, the very birthplace of Japanese denim. This premium denim is woven on old shuttle looms with weft yarns of irregular thickness. These two factors give the fabric a characteristic uneven surface. – A perfect imperfection. When you wear and wash the Snake Eyes selvage, you will be rewarded. The denim will reveal a clear red cast, a blue hue, and a marbling structure with a slight salt n’ pepper graininess – characteristics that can also be found in fine vintage denim. Lofty Lo Snake Eyes Selvage comes with our signature orange thread and antique finish silver trims.