Nudie Jeans Kevin Dungarees Utility Denim Organic Khakis L Sustainable Clothing

Nudie Jeans 114353114353-B26-003

Classic dungarees made with our very own Nudie Jeans Utility Denim. It’s a loose-fit, wide-leg style featuring off-white, triple needle felled seams and stainless steel trims true to it’s workwear heritage. As is the big utility pockets. The denim is our take on the denim of the best chore coats, dungarees, and carpenters’ pants from the 1930s, which utilizes fine, high-twist yarns together with a 2/1 Z-construction. Nudie Jeans Utility Denim is possible thanks to locals in the cities with a Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. And the process is pretty straightforward: we remove metal trims, then cut and grind the jeans, turning them back into fiber to make new denim. By doing this, we extend the lifecycle of cotton we’ve already used, allowing us to lower the total input of virgin organic cotton.