Nudie Jeans Kelly Western Jacket 70’s Blue Women’s Organic Denim Jackets X Large Sustainable Clothing

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The inspiration for this jeans jacket is evident because it, quite literally, carries it on the sleeves. Pointed, overlaid single-piece cuffs, also known as shotgun cuffs, is a ranch wear classic, as are the pointed back yoke and the single-point front yokes. Being slightly fitted and short, Kelly stays true its lineage, like the hue of the tobacco seams. The denim’s clear blue tone is a textbook display of red cast denim. And the tightness of the twill makes the blue pop even more. So we went with tobacco threads and shiny, vintage-inspired copper trims to make it shine brighter. Over time, wear, tear, and washing will reveal a softer, faded technicolor blue hue.





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