Nudie Jeans Gritty Jackson Dry Selvage Mid Waist Regular Straight Leg Men’s Organic Jeans W32/L30 Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans 113751113751-L30-W32

This right here is special to us, the 13.75 Kaihara Dry Selvage. It left us in awe back in 2001, and thanks to its incredible aging property, it still does to this day. It is the first selvage denim we ever used, and it is one reason Nudie Jeans exists. This is our heritage. You see, it was when one of our founders, Maria, got her eyes on this particular denim that what is today Nudie Jeans started to take form. And it’s no wonder as it is exceptionally appealing – it has a deep indigo warp, unbleached, vintage-inspired ecru weft, tight construction, dry hand, and starchy crispiness. Yet, the greatest part of the denim is its aging property – how it evolves with wearing. To understand it, let us get a bit technical. The warp is first dyed in a dark sulfur dye and subsequently in indigo. This dyeing technique gives the Dry Selvage the deep and muted indigo blue hue that looks so utterly beautiful, accompanied by our orange thread. It is also what gives the denim its intriguing nuances as it ages. It is what we call a greencast denim, denim that has a slight greenish-blue hue that becomes more evident with wearing. With years of wear and some washes – as the dark denim turns lighter in tone – the greencast starts to lean towards a redcast – clear blue – hue. This is why it is so intriguingly beautiful and has remained in our collection since the start of Nudie Jeans back in 2001. We are very proud to offer Gritty Jackson Dry Selvage – our hats off for Kaihara’s denim and indigo artisans, forever. We recommend 6 months of everyday wear before the first wash, if not longer. This way, you will end up with a beautiful pair of worn-in jeans. It sure is a long time; however, it’s only a recommendation. As long as you give them love, the result will be great.