Nudie Jeans Asta Rinse Ruby Selvage Women’s Organic Jeans X Large Sustainable Clothing

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Asta is a high waist, loose fit, pant with patch-on pockets. It is superbly constructed with simplistic workwear making – so while the pants are bold in their expression, the fit is refined. Made from absolutely brilliant organic selvage denim that Kuroki Mill weaves in Okayama, Japan. Warp and weft yarns are ring-spun to a slightly irregular thickness, giving the denim its perfectly imperfect texture. The pure indigo warp yarns are dyed in natural indigo dyestuff extracted from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant. We have rinsed the pants partly to make the indigo bleed onto the white weft yarns, producing a more uniformly deep blue hue. But primarily to create a richer, vintage-like fabric texture with a dull and slightly hairy surface. With wearing and washing, these pants will age from the abrasions that the wearing and the washing imposes, as is the case for any indigo-dyed garment. This denim, however, has a spectacular aging property. The deep blue color will slowly age toward a brilliant blue hue thanks to the pure indigo dyestuff used. The irregular yarns and the vintage shuttle loom weaving technique will render a beautiful salt and pepper grain and slight puckering throughout the denim, resulting in a rich texture where the pants are not abraded. Where they are exposed to the most abrasion, a clear twill texture will emerge, and the loss of dye will be most significant. The contrasts between these areas – between the indigo hues and the multitude of textures – is what will produce magical beauty.